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 We Empower Kidney Assistance Network (WEKAN) is a needs-based program to help patients with health insurance premiums, water and electric bills necessary for home dialysis treatments.  With the support of our generous donors, we are ready to provide some financial relief to kidney patients. The K in WeKanHelp is intentional to highlight Kidney Disease. Our desire is to help those who are undergoing hemodialysis in the home setting ease their struggle with the financial demands and costs associated with health insurance premiums and utility bills. We operate as a community related service under 411MAG Ministries, an IRS Designated 501 (c) (3) Organization, whose founders were personally affected by IgA Nephropathy, a type of Kidney Disease, that resulted in a home hemodialysis journey over a decade.  During this decade, this husband and wife team experienced , and understood the financial  hardships of insurance premiums, and the increased water and electric bills.  

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